Marine Vet Surprises Chip and Joanna With Marriage Proposal on ‘Fixer Upper’

March 12, 2018

Usually on HGTV’s home renovation show ‘Fixer Upper’ it is the hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, that do the surprising. However, in a recent episode, the tables were turned.


US Marine Thomas “TJ” Brooks enlisted the help of the home improvement power couple to help him renovate his dream home. Little did they know that he had more than just plans for a new home.




TJ served in the military for many years, but during one tour in Afghanistan, an IED explosion resulted in the loss of one of his legs. Now back at home in Waco, Texas, TJ is ready to settle down for good with his girlfriend, Stephanie Lundy.


TJ and Stephanie met while TJ was being treated at the Walter Reed Medical Center. Stephanie works for the Wounded Warriors nonprofit charity.



They wanted a new home with a lot of land and Chip and Joanna showed them a plot of land that needed some work. The couple allotted $45,000 for renovations, and when it became clear that the work could not be done without going over budget, several local businesses and contractors pitched in to give the couple the home of their dreams.



The renovation project was titled,”The All-American Farmhouse” and it served as the perfect location for TJ’s surprise. After Chip and Joanna’s reveal of his new renovated house, he shocked everyone by dropping to one knee and proposing to Stephanie.


“I just love you so much, and I know we’ve been on a lot of great adventures and I think this marks the beginning of our greatest adventure,” TJ said. “Will you marry me?”



Chip took to Twitter to congratulate the couple.


“Nobody deserved this place more than TJ and Stephanie!” Chip said in the post. “The sacrifice these two have made to keep us all safe… Humbled! Beautiful setting to start their new life together! Thank you all for watching with us tonight!”


What a great surprise! It certainly is a beautiful home!





In other news, read more about Chip and Joanna’s future plans in the next article below!

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