Married Couple Loses 300 lbs—You Won’t Believe Their ‘Rachael Ray’ Makeover

February 19, 2018

“Is that really us?” states Amber alongside her husband Beau as they look through old photos of their former selves. Amber and Beau, a married couple from Bluefield, West Virginia, took to getting healthy after their energy levels, sex life, and fighting became unbearable.

“Those habits that we gained when I was pregnant just never went away,” Amber told the Rachael Ray show. She went on to say, “My highest weight was 363.”

Amber wasn’t the only one with a weight problem. Beau added, “My highest weight was 357. The weight gain killed our energy level, killed our sex life.”

With the weight gain, they also started experiencing other problems that most married couples deal with at some point or another. “In addition to gaining all of that weight, we fell into some financial struggles, and that caused us to fight a whole lot more than we ever have before,” Amber said.

Divorce had never come up before, but it was finally rearing its head in this couple’s marriage. They knew they had to do something for things to change.

Beau stated heartfeltly, “For the first time divorce came up. I knew we had to figure something out. I love her with all my heart and there wouldn’t be anything I wouldn’t do to make sure we stay together. So something had to give, something had to change.”

And that is exactly what this couple did. They turned everything around—their diet, their exercise, and their overall outlook on health. Beau lost 127 lbs and Amber...she lost 187 lbs! Together they lost over 300 lbs!

However, their wardrobe was now a problem. Amber laughed saying, “Our wardrobe has not changed since we lost weight!”

“When you got two kids, they need clothes, they need shirts, they need food, they need diapers. Just everything is way more important than getting me some shoes, getting us some pants,” Beau added.

Well Rachael Ray to the rescue! This couple received a transformation that will blow your mind! Check it out in the video below!

What do you think of Beau and Amber’s new look? Join us in congratulating them in the comments below!

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