Mass School Stabbing: At Least 14 Children Injured And Taken To Hospital; Requesting Prayers

October 26, 2018

Tragic news has come in this morning, and we are asking our readers to keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.

On Friday, October 26, at about 9:30 a.m. a knife-wielding woman approached a kindergarten class and began stabbing children. At least 14 schoolchildren have been injured, according to "CNN." The tragic incident took place at the school's entrance gate in Chongqing in central China.

Chongqing City Banan District police said that the children were slashed in the face by a woman wielding a knife as they were coming back from their morning recess. A video obtained by "CNN," shows that small children were bleeding from severe lacerations to their faces.

The school security guards and staff tackled the 39-year-old woman, and she was taken into custody.

The school does not have a courtyard or an outdoor place for children to play, so they are taken to a nearby local park for their morning exercises.

"It happened when the children were entering the school gate ... The attacker just ran at them with a knife. The teachers were dumbstruck," said Zhang Jing, who lives close to the school, and added that many onlookers from grocery stores had tried to help stop the attack.

Please keep the children in your thoughts and prayers. We pray each and every one of them recovers.