Reality Stars Welcome First Child Together, But Not Before Scary Medical Moments Almost Turned Their Joy To Tragedy

March 20, 2019

Maybe it was the luck of the Irish, or perhaps it was just meant to be, but one tiny baby girl made her grand appearance on St. Patrick's Day, long before she was supposed to.

The joyful news was announced by the father himself on Wednesday morning when he took to his wife’s ‘Now What?! podcast. His exuberance about the blessed event was somewhat tempered by a palpable sense of relief that the situation turned out so well - when it could have very easily turned out a different way.

Realty stars Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, who married in October of last year, thought the impending arrival of their bundle of joy would take the charmed course everything else in their lives had up to that point.

But the loving couple was in for a rude awakening when things took a dramatic turn right in the home stretch of their nine-month-long race, unlike anything the two had faced during their winning performance on TV's 'The Amazing Race.'

Graf, who met and fell in love with her future husband Cody Nickson on ‘Big Brother 19,’ was in her last month of pregnancy when she started feeling “not too well.” Always a bundle of energy, even throughout the entire pregnancy, this was an unusual occurrence for Jessica. That raised the first red flag.

Nickson took over the reins of his wife's podcast to share the gripping details of the harrowing hours that preceded their child's entry into the world. He opened by explaining why he was there.

“The reason you’re not hearing my wife Jessica Graf’s voice right now is that the other night, we ran into an emergency situation and she ended up in the hospital.”

Then he went on to regale the listening audience about the scary hours right before their baby made her early arrival, and how he KNEW something was terribly wrong with his wife.

Jessica was complaining of having no energy. In addition, she was “extremely swollen” and just “off.” Fortunately, the couple had a home blood pressure kit and once they hooked that up, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The reading was off the charts abnormally high at 185/113.

Justifiably concerned and not wanting to risk the health of Jessica or the baby, they phoned their doctor who immediately ordered Jessica to the hospital. On the way, the mother-to-be began experiencing blurred vision and a blinding headache, both alarming symptoms of stroke.

Upon Jessica's arrival at the E.R., her blood pressure was even higher. Without any delay whatsoever, medical personnel rushed the ailing mom into the operating room. Her doctor informed her that they needed to get the baby out right away and she would be having an emergency C-section.

That's when the proud papa shared the vital statistics of his newborn daughter:

"On March 17, St. Patrick's Day, 18.5 inches, 6 pounds 7 oz, Maverick Nickson was born," said Cody. “We couldn't be happier and thank you for all the thoughts and prayers out there."

According to Cody, barely 15 minutes after Jessica entered the operating room, they met their little one. Mother and baby made it through the surgery fine, and dad is relieved that it's all over.

As for the new parents? How are they doing after their harrowing ordeal? Except for ongoing difficulty controlling her blood pressure, the new mom is making a satisfactory recovery.

"They just have her on a few meds. They're trying to get her blood pressure down still. For the most part, she's doing really good," said the brand new father.

Cody says he’s so happy and excited that he can’t wait for the next one. Jessica, from her bed, says she can wait. I don't think anyone can blame her for that!

Please join us in wishing the happy family all the best as they start the incredible journey of raising precious little Maverick Nickson.

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