Hundreds of People Infected With New Parasite From Favorite Fast Food Chains, FDA Reports

August 03, 2018

It seems lately that either Salmonella or Cyclospora or something else has taken over some popular food items recently. Either it is the kid-favorite (and adult-favorite) Goldfish crackers contaminated with Salmonella, or the recent melon recall, or the Kraft Heinz Food recalling cheese dip after possible botulism poisoning.

Many are asking if the recalls will ever stop, or just slow down for that matter. At this time, it hasn't. The CDC recently reported that almost 300 people infected with Cyclospora parasites after eating at a nationwide restaurant.

Federal health officials have confirmed Cyclospora parasites in salad mix sold at certain establishments. The salad mix was supplied by Fresh Express, who recently was under fire for another recall pertaining to lettuce.

According to "Food Safety News," almost 300 people in 15 states have been infected with the parasite.

The Food and Drug Administration said that they are expecting Fresh Express to communicate and make sure that affected establishments are not selling or using this product any longer.

“Fresh Express reported to FDA that the romaine from the same lot as the positive sample was not packaged for direct retail sale by Fresh Express and had already expired,” the FDA reported on Wednesday, August 1.

Fast Food Chains

At this time, the FDA has only reported publically that McDonald's is the one affected by this parasite. However, several more companies have not been revealed to the public at this time.

“Fresh Express committed to using recall procedures to inform companies that received additional products of concern about the sample result," according to "Food Safety News." "Fresh Express also reported that the carrots in the sampled salad mix only went to McDonald’s.”

The recalled salad mix includes romaine lettuce and carrots with the expiration date of July 19.

The onset date for victims with the parasite range from May 20 to July 12, however, consumers with symptoms that began after June 14 have not likely been included in the case count yet, according to the CDC. It may take up to six weeks for the confirmed cases of Cyclospora to reach the federal level.

As of July 26, there have been 286 confirmed cases of the infection who ate at McDonald's. At least 11 people have been taken to the hospital. CDC believes that the number will likely rise due to the delay in reporting.

If you have this recalled product in your home, you are asked to discard the item. Be sure to inform your family and friends.