Photos DON'T Lie: Meghan’s Blooming Bump Casts Serious Doubt About When Baby Sussex Is REALLY Due

January 16, 2019

When the world was let in on the joyful news of a new Royal Baby on its way for newlyweds Prince Harry and former American actress Meghan Markle, we were under a strong impression that Baby Sussex would arrive in April or May. Back in October, when The Palace made the official announcement, they revealed that the Duchess had already completed her 12-week scan.

Naturally, many of us assumed they meant that she was just three months pregnant.

But all that seemed to change overnight. Once the cat was out of the bad, Meghan appeared to blossom overnight! Starting less than one month after the official announcement of ‘Baby Sussex’ we started doubting what we were led to believe at the time.

The first time we thought things were a bit fishy with the pregnancy calendar was during Harry and Meghan’s historic 16-day journey to Australia, Fiji, and Tonga. With each passing day of their sojourn, the Duchess seemed to reveal a little bit more growth in her baby bump.

If we didn't know better, we might have thought someone had waved a magic wand over Meghan's belly. It caused many of us to wonder how in the world she could have gone from flat tummy to a burgeoning belly in just a matter of days!

Then, ever since the couple has returned home and has gone about their many engagements back in the U.K. we’ve caught glimpses of the adorable momma-to-be and we just can’t help but wonder how far along she REALLY is!

Most first-time moms, and ones who are as fit as the Duchess is, usually manage to retain their figures for several months. Without actually ‘showing until they are close to five or six months along.

One look at Meghan’s expanding waistline tells the story of a much more advanced pregnancy that we were originally led to believe.

Especially standing next to the newly-svelte mother of three, Kate Middleton. Meghan’s high-waisted, belted, ebony-colored suit did nothing to hide the true dimensions of the growing prince or princess.

In fact, I would venture a guess that, at that time, the Duchess of Sussex was closer to six months pregnant than the three-to-four months we first thought.

If so, then that means she and Harry would have conceived right about the time of their wedding on May 19th. And if the baby ends up arriving in February or early-March, instead of the widely-believed April, then we know that the couple was VERY successful in starting their family right away.

Of course, time will tell, won't it? And we'll just have to be patient to find out the answers to our probing questions as the Palace is very tight-lipped about such things.

Either way, we wish the happy couple all the best in the upcoming addition to their royal family. And we can't wait to meet this much-wanted and highly-anticipated little prince or princess.

No matter what 'official' story is circulated, all doubt will eventually come to an end. Keep your eye on the calendar. I think we're all in for a very pleasant 'surprise'!

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