Meghan Markle Has Picked Her Maid of Honor–Will It Be Kate Middleton?

March 27, 2018

Plans for the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are well underway as the May 19 date rapidly approaches.


One important part of any wedding is who will make up the wedding party. According to reports, Meghan Markle has chosen who will be her maid of honor.





According to this report, Markle will “choose one of her closest friends who has stood by her for many years before meeting Harry.”


Prior to this news, many royal fans wondered whether she would choose fellow princess Kate Middleton as her maid of honor, but that appears not to be the case.


This would make sense, however, as Markle and Middleton have only known each other for a little over a year.


According to royal expert Marlene Koenig, Middleton is “the future queen consort when William becomes king after his father, and would unlikely be an attending person to another royal bride.”



Also, “maid of honor” is a title reserved for single women. A married Kate Middleton would have been a “matron of honor.”


The best guess as to who her maid of honor is using that description is Jessica Mulroney, her best friend who even helped the couple hide from paparazzi when their relationship was just starting.


If you were Meghan Markle, would you have chosen Kate Middleton as your maid of honor? Or would you choose one of your closest friends instead?



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