Critics Who Mercilessly Mocked Melania’s Christmas Display Ought To Check Their History Books - Their Ignorance Is Showing

December 13, 2018

It’s not the first time our First Lady has had to suffer diatribes about her decorating style. Last year, Mrs. Trump was lambasted for her choices in the displays she used to decorate the various wings and hallways of the White House.

This year, pundits have decided to attack the red cranberry Christmas trees assigning all sorts of incorrect hidden meanings and negative connotations to them.”

"that was the tackiest White House Christmas display ever. Of all time. It looked to me as if Derek Zoolander had been brought in as style consultant. And that he, in turn, had subcontracted the task to Imelda Marcos.”

"Fun fact: Melania's nightmarish Christmas tree display also doubles as a carwash."

Of course, critics jumped at the chance to make fun of the First Lady, thereby embarrassing her husband, their real target. But now, it looks as though those who were so quick to judge her choice, are the ones who look like fools.

And all it took was a peek into the recent past to see the White House tradition that Mrs. Trump was commemorating. Ouch!!

In fact, for 35 years (up until the Obamas took up residence in the White House) cranberry trees have been a running theme and remained a revered tradition for Christmas decorating.

"The origins of the White House cranberry tree can be traced to 1975, when Christine Heineman of Chestertown, Maryland, arrived at the residence during the Ford administration with a Styrofoam cone, sphagnum moss, fresh cranberries and her talents as a floral designer.

The idea received rave reviews and the tradition stuck. First Ladies from Nancy Reagan (who LOVED the color red) through Laura Bush respected the tradition and gave cranberry trees a place of honor in some location at the White House. Then, Michelle Obama dispensed with the tradition of using cranberry tries, preferring to incorporate cranberries in a more subtle fashion.

“But that has all changed in 2018 with Mrs. Trump with her keen understanding of White House history."

After eight years of no cranberry trees, and their apparent refusal to check out facts before writing stories, critics within the media jumped at the chance to make the Trumps look out of touch and gauche.

This year, as one enters the East Wing of the White House guests will quickly walk into a festive forest of red berries lining the entire East Colonnade sitting on top of a green carpet.

“The cone-shaped magnificent structures varying in sizes some taller than most reminisce of the traditional cranberry tree dating back to the Ford administration and reminding us of one of Mrs. Reagan’s favorite traditions.”

But, instead, the critics are the ones who should be hanging their heads in shame. But, don’t hold your breath waiting for a retraction. They are too busy skulking around looking for that iota of innuendo or suggestion that just MIGHT be the piece that will bring down the President of the United States.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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