Media Ignores First Lady’s Humanitarian Works; Instead Pushes Phony Narrative Of CNN ‘Poll.’ They Aren’t Even TRYING To Be Subtle Anymore

December 14, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump has spent the better part of the past week making lives a little brighter during this Christmas season. Whether it’s making a surprise visit to military personnel at three separate locations in one day or overseeing the final distribution of gifts in the Marine Corp’s ‘Toys for Tots' campaign, Mrs. Trump has given of herself selflessly and with warmth and charm.

Yet NONE of her goodwill appearances were given any publicity by the mainstream media. You have to look to The Daily Caller or Fox News to even know about any of them.

But Melania is sure making headlines today, and all the usual suspects in the war on Donald Trump are blasting the fake news headlines about the First Lady’s supposed drop in popularity. And there’s something a little creepy about the utter glee in which they share the ‘news.’

I mean, they aren’t even trying anymore to be subtle about their complete disdain for the President and it doesn’t matter to them who is taken down with him. Collateral damage is just an inevitable part of their ‘war’ on the 45th President of the United States.

Of course, the problem with all this is that the American people are starting to wise up to the left's increasingly obvious shenanigans, and they will soon see that the liberals’ carefully crafted strategy is backfiring.

In fact, it seems pretty clear that the public is getting sick of the endless bashing of the perfectly lovely and gracious First Lady and her 12-year-old son, Barron.

So, what about this ‘poll?’ First of all, the whole thing was cooked up by CNN, no doubt in retaliation for Mr. Trump’s attempt to restore some sense of decorum to press briefings. Ever since the network’s golden boy, Jim Acosta, was banished from the White House after an embarrassing display last month, it’s clear that CNN has pulled out all the stops to destroy this presidency.

But they made a bone-headed move in trying to bring down the First Lady. In every single other poll out there, Mrs. Trump has been enjoying her highest approval rating EVER. In fact, in just October, she was soaring in the 54% range.

So, what changed in a little more than a month’s time? Has she pulled some horrible gaffe, or spoken out offensively? It’s nothing like that - Nope. On the contrary. She's done nothing but give of herself, nonstop, charming the entire country with her ever-increasing acts of charity and goodwill. Everywhere she goes THEY LOVE HER!!

So then, what is the unforgivable sin that earned her such a dramatic drop? It’s very simple. The First Lady has stepped up her visibility at the side of her husband, the President. And now, the negative narrative has shifted to include Melania. ‘Guilt by association,’ plain and simple.

It's only a matter of time before the American people have had enough, and turn on the President's detractors with a mighty vengeance. That day is fast approaching and it will be a pleasure to watch as Mr. Trump continues to 'win' by advancing his promised agenda. The American people are too smart to be fooled any longer.

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