Melania Trump's Body Double; Internet Is Going Crazy Over What This Viral Tweet Claims

August 28, 2018

The Internet is storming with claims that say that First Lady Melania Trump has a body double. While many people believe she does have one, other onlookers are a bit skeptical.

Today, we are going to ask our readers what they think and see if they can tell by this side-by-side photo of Melania Trump and the so-called body double. The original video on Twitter has received over 2.6 million views.

It recently began when a new video footage was released of the First Lady boarding the Air Force One with her husband, President Donald Trump. Last week, the first couple was boarding the plane in Ohio and while watching the video clip, hundreds of viewers claimed that wasn't Melania.

On Saturday, August 25, the video was posted on Twitter with the caption: "Does this look like Melania?" As you'd expect, this got the people of the United States talking. Sadly, some people were a bit vile.

"Well that's just weird. Body double?" one person replied on Twitter.

Another Twitter user even went as far as to compare a side-by-side photo of "the real Melania" from that morning, and the "body double Melania" in the video. He wrote, "It is absolutely not her."

One viewer even noticed the differences in the way she parted her hair. Plus, they claimed that the hair color wasn't even the same shade.

“The hair color [sic] isn’t even the same,” one other person wrote. “And her hair is parted in two different places. People do not often change where they part their hair.”

Check out the photos below and tell us what you think. Does she have a body double or not? Let us know!

On the other hand, for those who are skeptical, take a look at these other photos that show the beautiful First Lady is indeed Melania herself.