Melania Trump's Latest Outfit Isn't Flying For Some People; Do You See Any Subtle Hints?

July 17, 2018

Melania Trump has been huge in the headlines in recent weeks after her gorgeous and spot-on fashion statements. But on Monday night, Melania switched things up a bit and went a different direction.

On Monday, July 16, President Trump and First Lady Melania touched down on U.S. soil late in the night. After the week-long business (and golf) trip, the couple has finally come back home.

Melania, who is known for her impeccable wardrobe choices, has decided to go a different direction with her latest outfit. When they arrived by jet, Melania exited wearing nothing even close to what she was wearing in Europe.

Rightfully so, the first lady has decided to pack away the high heels, elaborate gowns, and toss on something a little more comfortable. Jeans and a shirt.

The first couple arrived on the South Lawn at the White House and Melania's outfit was just what the jet-lagged body ordered. It was quite the contrast from her recent attire, but many people absolutely loved it. The simple, yet chic look is more relatable and still fashionable.

She was spotted wearing a crisp, button-down shirt tucked into a navy blue pair of jeans. The blouse was button almost to the top and her sleeves were rolled up to her elbow. She completed her look with a pair of matching flats and her oversized Birkin bag. It was such a perfect ensemble considering the long flight back home.

What do you think about her outfit? Have you enjoyed her fashion statements all week? Let us know!

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