World Famous Pastor Arrested After Allegedly Beating His Wife; Left 'Visible Red Mark' Police Say

September 25, 2018

According to multiple reports, a sad and unexpected story was released last week, but more details have recently surfaced. A world famous pastor had allegedly beaten his wife and he has since been taken into custody.

Michael Ketterer had recently made a name for himself when he finished in 5th place on this season's "America's Got Talent," and he was a fan-favorite to many of AGT's Christian viewers.

During the finale show, Ketterer performed an incredible song by country star Garth Brooks. When Ketterer finished, on national television judge Simon Cowell asked that Brooks write a song for Ketterer.

Not only did Brooks accept the request, he even offered Ketterer to perform at one of is upcoming concerts. However, a dream come true for Ketterer ended just as fast as it happened.

Days later, Ketterer was arrested for domestic violence on Thursday, September 20. He was later released the following day after posting $50,000 bail.

What Happened

The Christian pastor was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department in Hollywood. Law enforcement tells "TMZ" that he got into a fight with his wife. When the police arrived, they found his wife with a "visible red mark."

Ketterer tells "TMZ" that the arrest was a huge "misunderstanding." However, he did admit that he and his wife got into an argument in their hotel room before the police were called. His wife did not want to press charges, however, the police arrested him anyway.

According to reports, the case was dropped to a misdemeanor due to the minor injuries. He and his wife have six children together.

Garth Brooks Speaks Out

Following the arrest, more details have been released about the upcoming, already sold-out performance with Brooks. According to PEOPLE, Ketterer and Brooks spoke about the concert and Brooks believes it would be best to not go through with it.

“Called him this weekend, we talked. We decided it was better that he not appear at Notre Dame and not perform there,” Brooks told his viewers. “That family will figure it out and find it within themselves, and of course the good Lord, and figure it out. Michael Ketterer will not be at Notre Dame.”

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