16-Year-Old Michigan Golfer Attacked by Ferocious Goose; Internet Can't Stop Laughing

April 25, 2018

During a high school golf tournament in Adrian, Michigan last weekend, a 16-year-old boy was attacked by an angry Canadian goose.

After the group of four boys teed off on the 7th hole of Wolf Creek Golf Course, they began walking down the fairway where they encountered the bird. Thinking the goose would walk away, as most of them do on the golf course, the goose didn't budge.


As the group got closer, they realized the goose was sitting on a nest full of eggs. Once they were aware, the boys veered a different direction, respecting the bird's space.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, another goose does a fly-by attacking the boys.


The goose took a special interest in a boy in a purple pullover. Isaac Couling did everything he could to get the bird off of him which resulted in golf clubs flying all over the place.

Thankfully, Devon Gilson-Pitts, wife to the team's assistant coach, and her husband were nearby and drove a golf cart in between the boy and the goose to help mitigate the attack.


However, the goose didn't let up. It took three more carts to finally scare off the bird.


"At no point in my life I ever thought golf would be fun or exciting till yesterday," Gilson-Pitts wrote on Facebook. "We have a great group of kids on the golf team and had some excitement on the course yesterday."

Thankfully, the boy was not injured during the chaotic incident.


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