Son of Music Superstar Allegedly Threatens To Detonate Bomb At Major Airport; Makes Threat, Assaults Officer When Denied Boarding

January 21, 2019

The 24-year-old son of mega music superstar Lionel Richie was detained by police after allegedly making a bomb threat at Heathrow International Airport on Saturday.

Details are sketchy, but what we do know is that Miles Brockman Richie, Lionel Richie’s only son, was allegedly denied boarding a flight leaving the London airport.

It was then that the male model reportedly threatened to detonate a bomb he had in his possession if he weren’t allowed on the plane.

The scene escalated and Richie apparently grew violent and put up a fight when security guards were called in. He then assaulted one of the guards by punching him in the face.

No details have been released as to the reason why Richie was not allowed to board his flight or why the bomb threat was used to coerce the attendants to allow him on the airplane.

Fox News reports, “From there, police reportedly detained him and issued him a caution on the scene. Miles reportedly accepted the caution from police and was released without further incident."

TMZ reports that “accepting the ‘caution’ means Miles accepts responsibility for the offense, but will not have to appear in court. However, the incident goes on his permanent record and could be used against him in further criminal offenses.”

Both Fox News and TMZ have reached out to Richie’s reps for a statement but have received no reply.

All I can say is that it must be nice to be a son of a celebrity. If it had been an 'ordinary Joe' you can bet things would have gone much differently!

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