The Queen's Health Scare: Death Rehearsal Conducted By Officials Last Week Leaving Millions Fearful These Are Her Final Days

July 02, 2018

For the first time, ministers and officials this week have conducted the Queen's death rehearsal. The rehearsal was given the code name "Castle Dove," and the officials focused on the "D+1," which is the day after Queen Elizabeth II's death.

This run-through, which was held by Cabinet ministers and Whitehall officials, is in preparation for the 10-days of national mourning.

It reportedly took place after the Queen did not attend the recent service at St. Paul's Cathedral because she was feeling unwell. At the time she removed herself from the event, it was said that there was nothing to be of concern. It's still understood that no doctor was called.

Politicians were involved and had joined civil servants to go over the first-ever, "constantly" updating plans. The Prime Minister is planning to speak to the country as well, according to "The Sunday Times."

"This is the first time different ministers have come together in one room," a Whitehall official told the newspaper. "Previously it has only been officials."

"Things have clearly been stepped up because of the aging process," a Cabinet minister said.

After the Queen passes, her body would lie in state for five days in Westminister Hall. Shortly after, the new king, likely to be Prince Charles, will travel to Scotland and Wales "to show they are an integral part of his realm."


Even though these things must be planned, it is still hard to believe that this day could happen at any moment. Will you join us in praying for the royal family as they are likely enduring stress and heartache? In other news, check out these 12 rare photos of Princess Diana. You probably haven't seen some of these before!


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