Amber Alert Update: Missing 10-Month-Old Baby Boy

April 11, 2018

Late Monday night, an Amber Alert was issued in search of a missing 10-month-old baby boy in Miami, Florida.

After nearly the entire day, after the Amber Alert was issued, baby Noah Florvil was found safe in Miami Springs, according to the City of Miami Police.


“My daughter says she was sleeping when she woke up, the baby, her phone, and Bella was gone,” said Nateisha Starling, the boy’s grandmother.


The police were notified by Noah's mother that her son had gone missing from her home in Liberty City near Northwest 66th Street and 12th Avenue when she was asleep. She believes that Bella, a family friend, was the kidnapper.

Police and their K-9 officers searched the entire area, talking with neighbors, and asked for the public's help. Just shortly after 8 p.m., Noah was found.


“This 10-month old has been missing since last night at 9:30 p.m.  We do know that this child was in the company of a family acquaintance,” said City of Miami Police Commander Freddie Cruz.


Authorities said that the baby was last seen with a woman who went by the name of by Bella, but when they found Noah, he was not with her but a different woman.

As of Tuesday, the child was in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. The mother was taken to court for a custody hearing. Before Noah's disappearance, the mother and the grandparents cared for the boy. Noah's father is currently in prison for murder charges.


During the trial, the mother asked that Noah be in the care of a family friend. The judge decided to place the child in foster care instead. The mother would have visitation rights three times a week.


According to ABC10, the judge and lawyers were careful not to discuss certain details of the case. The Miami Police also has not issued a statement regarding details of the matter or how Noah was even found.


In the end, we are so happy that baby Noah was found safe. Please keep him and everyone involved during this difficult time.


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