Missing 6-Year-Old Autistic Girl With Epilepsy Found; Now Seeking Medical Attention Reports Say

September 17, 2018

Police issued out an Amber Alert last Sunday afternoon when a 6-year-old girl had been taken from a shopping center in Canada.



6-year-old Emma O’Keeffe was the subject of an Amber Alert when she disappeared. At about 5 p.m. Sunday, she was sitting in the back of an SUV that was parked outside a strip mall in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, with the engine still running.


According to police, O'Keeffee's parents went inside the mall when their vehicle was stolen with their child inside. Police stated that it was not a parental abduction.


O'Keeffe has epilepsy and is autistic and requires medication twice a day, according to CTV News. Her parents were worried that if their daughter went without her medication she could die or had been seriously injured.



At approximately 6:45 a.m., O'Keeffe was found and she was taken to seek medical attention.


"We're very, very happy. This was a very stressful, situation. So many things go through your mind," Krista Clark, a family friend, said Monday.

There are no further details available at this time. Please keep the O'Keeffe family in your thoughts and prayers.