Missing California Girl Found

March 22, 2018

14-year-old Grace Vanderveen, who had been missing since February 19th, was found safe and sound in Sacramento Tuesday night.


Vanderveen is from a small town north of Sacramento called Rio Linda.



Prior to her daughter’s discovery, Amy Vanderveen, Grace’s mother, believed that Grace had some help to leave town so that she could be classified as a runaway so authorities wouldn’t investigate.




Grace was spotted by friends hanging out at a vacant house before she was eventually found on Tuesday.


According to her parents, Grace left her cell phone along with a note apologizing for leaving. A friend of hers said that Grace was coerced into writing the apology.


On Tuesday, Grace showed up at a North Sacramento business and told an employee working there that she was a missing person. Her mother reports that she is now in a safe place and has been reunited with her family.


Grace’s parents still think that she had help with her disappearance and officials have yet to confirm her whereabouts during her disappearance as of this moment.



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