Missing Minnesota Toddler Found Next to Family Dog

March 27, 2018

If you ever wanted any more evidence why dogs are indeed the best thing ever, you need to check out this story.


A two-year-old boy from the small town of Richmond, Minnesota was playing with his siblings outside on their family farm when he suddenly wandered off. After frantically searching for over a half an hour his family finally called the local authorities for help.




Local Stearns County Sheriff's Office received the call at 6:17pm and began their search. The sheriff’s department dispatched two bloodhounds, a drone, and a helicopter equipped with an infrared heat signature camera to find the missing boy.



The infrared camera makes warm objects glow on the black and white screen, perfect for finding a person in the cold, dark forest at dusk.


At around 9:30, the helicopter picked up not one but two warm shapes on the ground below. It was the boy and the family dog, who had found the boy and stayed by his side until help arrived.


The helicopter crew were then able to notify the nearby search team of their location who were then able to find the boy and carry him home, along with his tail-wagging companion.


As it turns out, the toddler ran off to chase a cat but quickly got lost. The loyal dog had initially joined in with the family in their search at first, but was able to find him rather quickly by himself.


Like any good boy, he then stayed right with the child until help arrived, probably wondering what took everyone so long.


Take a look at the footage captured by the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department using their infrared camera as they spot and rescue the lost boy and his loyal guardian.



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