Mom Carrying Baby Daughter In Stroller Takes Fatal Fall Down Subway Stairs; 1-Year-Old Uninjured In Tragic Accident

January 29, 2019

No one is quite sure how it happened, but happen it did. A young Connecticut mother carrying her one-year-old daughter down a flight of stairs while in her stroller somehow lost her footing, tumbled down the steps, and landed on the concrete platform below.

A station agent told the New York Daily News that ”commuters rushed up the stairs to tell her a woman had fallen. The agent contacted her supervisors, who called the police.”

FOX NEWS REPORTS, “Malaysia Goodson, 22, of Stamford, tumbled at the 7th Ave. Station in Manhattan at around 8 p.m., police said. Goodson was taken to Mt. Sinai West and later declared dead, the New York Post reported.”

Her daughter, who was still strapped in the stroller, was not injured. She was treated at the scene by first responders. Investigators are not saying if the young mom suffered a medical event before the fall or if she simply lost her footing. An autopsy will be performed to determine what caused the woman's death.

Stunned by the tragic turn of events, shaken commuters took to social media to comment about the unsafe environment many of the subway stations are for those with special needs.

“Malaysia Goodson might still be with us if this station was accessible. Governor Cuomo and state legislators must fully fund the MTA's Fast Forward plan so every station can be made accessible for all riders, including parents like Malaysia.”

They also lamented the lack of chivalry from men who undoubtedly witnessed the young mother struggling on the stairway.

“If men would be men and assist this wouldn’t have happened.”

But some people recognize the potential for danger and offer to help when witnessing someone in a similar situation that Ms. Goodson faced.

"So sad... that’s why I always ask if a mom needs assistance whenever I see her trying to get up/down the stairs with a stroller."

If the subway stop is, indeed, not handicap accessible, perhaps this tragedy will help pave the way for a much-needed change. After all, single mothers, as well as people in wheelchairs need to use the mass transit system to get around, and it is incumbent upon the city to make sure this can be done in a safe way.

Please join us in praying for this precious little girl who has just lost her mother and for the rest of Ms. Goodson’s family and friends in this deeply troubling time.

And in her memory, please offer a helping hand to anyone you see struggling to just get through their day. You might help prevent a tragedy.

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