Mom Catches Man Trying To Rape 12-Year-Old Daughter; 'He Gets What He Deserves'

September 27, 2018

Some shocking and disturbing news has come in today after a pedophile had tried to rape a woman's daughter in her room. The man tried to rape her 12-year-old daughter.

At this time, we are asking our readers to pray for the young girl and her mother as they go through this traumatic time. Many people have poured out their condolences over social media, while others have shared their disgust at what the man tried to do to the young girl. In addition, many people are applauding the mother's actions with her right to bear arms. She saved her daughter's life. What do you think?

"ABC News 14" reports the news of a 42-year-old mother telling authorities that she heard a "commotion in her daughter's room" in the early morning hours in Morgantown, West Virginia.

She grabbed her shotgun from her closet and raced to her daughter's room. When she opened the door of her daughter's bedroom, she found a man attempting to sexually assault her daughter.

The mother reported that the man appeared to be startled when she opened the door. When he turned around, she shot him in the face, "blowing off most of his head."

The 53-year-old rapist, a notorious sex offender, known to the local police for a series of vile crimes he committed on young children, is now dead.

The mother and her daughter rushed to the local police station where she made a statement to the officers.

“Deputies arrived at the scene and discovered the body of a deceased male,” said one investigator. “As our inquiry is ongoing, we are yet to release the name of the suspect, or the victims involved, but we can confirm that the dead man is on the West Virginia Sex Offender Registry."

The mother and child are staying with family as their property is now an active crime scene. It is unclear at this time if charges will be filed against the mother, according to "ABC News 14."

"Can you imagine confronting a rapist in your child’s bedroom? I think all of us would agree he got what he deserved," a member of a victim rights group said.

What do you think about what the mother did? Would you have done the same?