Mom Gets a Mirror for Christmas – When She Sees What’s in the Reflection She Bursts Into Tears

December 27, 2017

This type of video never gets old.


The video starts with the familiar Christmas scene of a family opening their presents. However, one present seemed a bit odd. It was a tall mirror.


Watch the video below to see the surprise!


What an incredible moment!



Her daughter returned home from the Navy, and she had quite the surprise planned. As her mother unwrapped the mirror, she stood behind her so that once she looked at its reflection, she would see her daughter.



This wasn’t the only Christmas military reunion this weekend either. Just in case you didn’t run out of tears on the last video...


There’s nothing quite like being home for the holidays!


In other news, this Christmas carol singing policeman is warming hearts all across the nation! Watch the video in the next article below!

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