Mom Retaliates Against Porch Thieves in the Most Disgusting Way

December 22, 2017

Porch thieving is on the rise. As we order more packages online, thieves are learning that they can steal packages off of people’s porches and end up with some really nice items. Recently in California, almost 20% of all households reported that packages had been stolen off of their porches. The average amount of money lost in these instances is $140.


One mom in Hillsboro, Oregon knows about porch theft better than anyone. Her family takes a family photo every year wearing matching pajamas for their Christmas card. This year, they were excited to continue their tradition with their 4-month-old baby, Ben.

Angie ordered pajamas for Ben online. The day she expected the package, it wasn’t on her doorstep. She checked online and the tracking number said that it was delivered.


That’s when she realized what had happened—it had been stolen. Angie decided she wanted to get her revenge.


Instead of throwing her son’s dirty diapers away, Angie filled a box with them. She also included a note that read, “Enjoy this you thief!.”


When asked about how dirty the diapers were, Angie shared, “Well, he’s been sick the last week, so we’ll just leave it at that. It’s pretty gross.”

She left the box on her porch on Sunday. By the next day, the box was gone.


“It was kind of a little bit of a relief and it was fun to come home and see that it was gone,” Angie said. “We had quite a good laugh thinking about someone opening up the box of dirty diapers, thinking that they’re gonna get something good and it’s not.”


After the second package was stolen from her porch, Angie called the police to report the theft. At this point, they don’t have any leads on who stole the package.

While they might not have any leads, I would guess that Angie’s house is probably safe from that particular thief for now. To be extra safe, Angie and her husband are installing surveillance cameras.


For more tips on how to keep your packages safe, check out this article.


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