Mom's at Prince George's School Reveal Their True Feelings About Kate; Sadly, It's Not What You Might Think

July 25, 2018

It would seem like anyone would love the opportunity to be around Kate Middleton. Many fans would just love to be able to afford the school where Prince George attends to get the chance to say, "Good Morning" to the Duchess of Cambridge.

However, this ends up not being the case for many moms at Thomas’s Battersea prep school, according to the "Mirror." While many nannies are hired to do the school drop-offs, Kate and William tend to do the honors of dropping their children off at school. They are known to be quite the regulars despite their busy work schedules.

One parent said that while it's great to see Kate at school, there's actually another mom who they are just starstruck about, especially the dads, she said.

"No one really gives Kate a second glance when she does the school drop-off," the mom disclosed.

"We have a Victoria's Secret model doing the school run, too, and the dads are far more interested in her!" the mom said.

Tell us, would you be more fascinated with a supermodel or Kate Middleton? We would love to hear your opinions!