Mom's Unique Punishment for Teen Son Who Got Suspended

February 28, 2018

One day, Demetris Payne received a call from her son's school. When she saw the missed call, she knew something must have happened.


Payne called the school back, and the school official told her that her 13-year-old son had been suspended for three days. Jadarien, who had one strike already, had talked back to his teacher which warranted a three-day suspension.


"Three days seems kind of harsh. Why not do in-school suspension?" Payne asked.


The main reason for the long suspension was because of his first offense. Now, Payne had to decide on what to do with Jadarien.


First, she took his cell phone away, and he was not allowed to play video games. The first day of his suspension, Payne left her son with her 70-year-old dad who lives with them.


"When I got home from work he's eating strawberries and having fun with my dad," Payne said. "I was like, 'Oh no.' It was like a vacation."


Apparently, Jadarien needed more discipline, she thought. And Payne was prepared to give it to him too.


The next day, she put her son to work in the yard. She handed him a rake and expected the yard to be cleaned up. But that wasn't all. When he was finished with their yard, he needed to volunteer his time cleaning other neighbor's yards free of charge.


"He didn't believe it," Payne said. "I can be soft on him and baby him sometimes."


She took to Facebook offering Jadarien's free lawn care services. "Yard service - FREE"


"My son has been suspended for 3 days from school and for discipline," she wrote on Facebook. "He will do your lawn service, he will rake your yard, mow if supply mower, pick up trash, or wash your car for free. Maximum 3hr. If anyone has a rake they would like to donate will be awesome. And he will do it all for free."


Within a few hours, Payne received several neighbors asking to take her up on her offer. Payne drove Jadarien to each house so he could complete each task. She watched him do everything. When he was done, they moved on to the next neighbor.


"He didn't complain the whole time," Payne explained.


Payne watched her son clean up homes for nearly two hours. They went to at least eight homes as well. After the last house, Payne took Jadarien to the library to finish up classwork and homework assignments he had missed due to the suspension.


"We explained to him that these chores weren't to punish but to teach him a lesson and teach him about discipline," Payne said. "No matter if the teacher is right or wrong, always respect your teachers, respect adults."


It's safe to say that Jadarien was probably happy to be back at school the following day. What do you think about Payne's form of discipline? Let us know in the comment section of our Facebook page!


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