Most Outrageous Closets Known to Man; Ranked [Video]

April 06, 2018

There is a new show out on Facebook called Bonker’s Closet and they go through some of the most outrageous closets know to man. Here are the closets ranked from least to most lavish. Now we realize #4 is definitely "lavish" but when compared to #1, it is a drop in the bucket! 

4. Fingerprint-Protected Closet, Singapore

This one is so coveted that the owner protected it with her fingerprint! Makes sense—the place is full of expensive items.

3. Champagne Doorbell Closet, Los Angeles

When champagne calls, this bell answers. Brilliant!

2. Queen of Versailles Closet, Florida

She is a queen after all, so this closet makes sense. 

1. America’s Biggest Closet, Houston

Wowza! Here is the largest closet in America. As the show stated, "Everything is bigger in Texas!"

What do you think of all these amazing closets? Let us know in the comments below!

In other news, Kate Hudson is expecting a baby. Learn more here.

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