Mother Leaves 4 Children Alone In Apartment To Run Errands; Toddler Escapes Found On Busy Street In Diaper

August 22, 2018

An unfortunate story has recently come in, and it's causing quite the stir on social media sites. A mother left four young children alone in an apartment so she could run some errands, but one escapes.

Local police are saying that one of the toddlers escaped and was found on a busy road. Hours later, the mother saw a picture of the toddler on Facebook and notified authorities.

What Happened

On Tuesday, August 21, the Stamford Police Department in Connecticut said that they were called when a young boy was found alone in a diaper and a T-shirt walking on Fairfield Avenue. The woman who found the child took the boy back to her residence after calling the police, said Staford Police Sgt. Robert Shawinsky.

Police officers searched the surrounding areas to find the young boy's parent. Investigators knocked on doors asking if anyone knew who this boy was or where he might live.

No Parents

After hours of searching, the police department came up empty-handed. They could not locate the mother or his guardian, so they contacted the Department of Children and Families to have him placed in foster care until his family emerges.

Hours Later

A few hours went by after placing the boy in foster care, police went back out to the street with pictures of the boy and ran into a 14-year-old who said that the boy was staying in an apartment down the way. The teenager took the police to the complex.

More Children Found

Once the police opened the door to the apartment, they found three other children, but there were no parents. The police discovered the identity of the mother of these children was 31-year-old Lavoone Stain.

In the meantime, a resident decided to post the child's photo on Facebook stating that the police are looking for the mother. One person who knew Stain saw the picture and contacted her.

Stain called the police station informing them that she was the mother of the child and that she lived nearby but left four children alone in the apartment so she could run errands, says Shawinsky.


Stain was arrested and charged with risk of injury, but later released. The Department of Children and Families reunited her with her child.

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