Mother Leaves Children Unattended For Weeks to Go to Florida

March 20, 2018

Two parents were arrested in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania for leaving their two young children, ages 10 to 11 years old, unattended for weeks at home. The mother told police, at first, that she wasn’t far away. Later she revealed she had, in fact, went to Florida.

The father, Vincent Licciardello, had dropped the two children off at their mother's on March 5 and left. He came back over the preceding days to drop off food but did not stay long.

When the police arrived on the scene, they found “food boxes, pills, and other trash on the floor. The thermostat read 58 degrees,” one source reported.

The townspeople were not happy about what happened to the kids. One townsperson said, “’That hurts. I'm a mom of five kids. I couldn't imagine leaving my kids for 10 minutes without an adult supervisor," said Tamra Murphy. "Who's feeding them? Who's washing their clothes? Who's making sure their homework is done? That upsets me beyond it. That hurts me.’"

Another said, “‘That's insane to me,’ said Kaylia Riley. ‘I mean, at the end of the day, I couldn't even leave my dogs for three days by themselves, let alone children, especially small children. It's just mind-blowing.’”

Their mother, Nicole Sciortino, told police she didn’t know it was illegal to leave her children home alone. Both Sciortino and Licciardello were set free on an unsecured bail of $10,000.

The children are currently staying at a family friend’s house under orders of children and youth services.

Please continue to pray for these kids and their safety. In other news, there is a school on lockdown due to a shooting report that is need of prayer. Learn more about how you can pray here.

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