JUST IN: Names of Fatalities Released from Tragic Georgia Plane Crash

May 03, 2018

Many of you probably are aware of the fatal plane crash in Savannah, Georgia. It took 9 people’s lives.

Up until now, the names were not released because they wanted to notify the families first. Here are their names:

1. Maj. Jose R. Roman Rosado, pilot

2. Maj. Carlos Perez Serra, navigator

3. First Lt. David Albandoz, co-pilot

4. Senior Master Sgt. Jan Paravisini, mechanic

5. Master Sgt. Jean Audriffred

6. Master Sgt. Mario Brana, flight engineer

7. Master Sgt. Victor Colon

8. Master Sgt. Eric Circuns, loadmaster

9. Senior Airman Roberto Espada

If you didn’t get a chance to see some of the footage of the crash, here are a few videos. All are taken from citizens in the area.

NOTE: Please be warned that many of the people are shocked to be capturing this footage, so discretion is advised. It may shock you a bit as well.

If you feel ok to proceed watching these videos from real-life citizens in the area, then here are the videos:




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In other news, a newlywed’s family is suing American Airlines after the flight crew wouldn’t land the plane when she was near death. Learn more here.

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