Need a White Elephant Gift This Season? Look No Further!

November 21, 2017

The busy holiday season is among us. While many people are rushing to get the latest deals over Black Friday weekend, other people are worried about their work's White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange next week. Or is that just me?

Amazon has put out some hilarious White Elephant gifts this year. I have put together a list of the top five below. Don't miss out on these — they will surely make your friends and family laugh!

1. Redneck Plunger - $19 - $34

While you are plunging your toilet, it makes shotgun sounds. With these fantastic reviews, you wouldn't want to pass this up! The $19 plunger appears to be the same as the $34 plunger. However, the $19 plunger is not Prime eligible where the $34 plunger is.
$19 plunger, buy here.
$34 plunger, buy here.

2. Sir Perky Novelty Condiments Bottle Topper - $7

While this one may not be appropriate for certain families, for others, it can be a huge win for the best White Elephant Gift Exchange. It works like this: attach Sir Perky to the top of a condiments bottle, say a ketchup bottle for example, and when you squeeze the ketchup bottle it will dispense from, well, take a look at the picture again. To purchase one, click here.

3. Go Away Funny Coffee Mug - $14

If you work for at a desk job and know the struggles of a coffee-less morning, you would understand the meaning behind this mug. It pretty much is true. I am usually not ready to talk to people unless I've had over half a cup of coffee. Need one? Buy here.

4. Dancing with Cats - $10

To really get the meaning behind the book, you will need to read the Amazon reviews. Many customers say the book is great for the coffee table for visitors to "laugh their heads off." Other's described the book as a great "gag gift," and a "great gift for 'that cat person.'" Many reviews really enjoyed the pictures and the content of the book. To buy one, you can find one here.

5. White Elephant Sugar Bowl - $8

Why do we need to think so hard? The title of the gift exchange is basically telling you what you should get. Be 'that person' and pick one up today! You can buy one here.

Did this list inspire you to get the best White Elephant gift? From everyone at Inspiring Day, we wish you and your family a blessed holiday season! Check out some other great articles below!

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