WATCH: New Video of Most Recent US Hurricane Are Sending People Into a Wave of Panic

October 10, 2018

A massive hurricane has hit Florida and many experts believe it is expected to be one of the strongest storms in Florida's history. During a recent broadcast, "Florida Governor Rick Scott says that it is no longer safe to evacuate the state. People will need to stay where they are and stay safe." The hurricane has already hit a category 4 and is expected to hit a category 5 very soon.

When some of the first tweets started bustling across Twitter, many were afraid, and rightfully so. Someone tweeted: "Alert the city of Port St. Joe will be ground zero as #HurricaneMichael will further intensify to CAT 5 before landfall. Expect total inundation of the town and tornado-like winds to demolish buildings! Anybody who stayed behind could die."

As the day progressed, more status updates on the hurricane began to surface. A local news channel tweeted alongside a horrific video of the weather in the area: "New images of #HurricaneMichael and its power. I would not want to be in Panama City, FL right now. Wishing those who did not evacuate the best of luck." Watch this quick video in the Tweet showing just how bad the storm is:

Another person on Twitter tweeted: "Hurricane #Michael has increased in wind speed to 150 mph, which is 2 mph shy of a Category 5 hurricane. This monstrous storm is being described as historic for Florida."

This is so devastating and we are praying for everyone during this hard time. In particular, anyone still left behind. May God cover you in His mercy and provide you strength.

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