UPDATE: Young Brothers Missing For Weeks Believed To Be Taken Across State Lines ‘Against Their Will.’ Family Asking For Public’s Help

April 30, 2019

Police all along the East Coast are on the lookout for two young boys who are said to have been abducted “weeks ago” as part of a contentious custody battle.

Authorities have stepped up their search for the two brothers whose mother says they were taken against their will by their father.

The boys have been missing from their Maine home and “may have been taken out of state by their father, in violation off a custody agreement.”

12-year-old Joel Strother II and 10-year-old Carter Strother III may be the victims of a vicious custody dispute between their mother and father, also named Joel Strother.

The Presque Isle, Maine police have been investigating the boys’ disappearance for weeks and now ask for the public’s help in locating the brothers.

According to evidence obtained by investigators, Strother has been in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and now Florida.

In addition, authorities now have reliable information on the vehicle Strother is said to be driving.

“On Tuesday, the Presque Isle Police Department said that officers determined that Strother has taken the children to Florida and is driving a 2006 pewter-colored GMC Terrain SUV with temporary registration plates.'

They also shared physical descriptions of the boys in the hope that the public can spot one of them if they end up in their area.

According to the Police, "Joel Strother II has brown hair, green eyes and is about 5-feet tall, according to police. Carter Strother III has brown hair, brown eyes and is 4-feet, 6-inches tall."

And now that the elder Mr. Strothers had allegedly taken the two across states lines, it now has become a federal case.

“As of late last week a felony level warrant was issued for the arrest of Joel Strother, which he is aware of,” the department said.

“He has violated the custody agreement,” Presque Isle Police Detective Chris Beck said. “He has basically hidden the children. There has been no communication from Mr. Strother or from the two children to their mother.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Presque Isle Police Department at (207) 764-4476.

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