Huge News Just Announced About 'Roseanne' Show; Roseanne Herself Didn't Even See This Coming

June 22, 2018

On Thursday, June 22, ABC shares some big news about the hit TV show, "Roseanne." Not many people saw this coming, not even Roseanne Barr herself.

The future of "Roseanne" really does lie with the ABC network and they have decided to make some changing.

The popular sitcom is known to be on the conservative political spectrum was pulled from the air in the Spring, but with so many fans demanding it come back, ABC obliged.

However, after Barr's recent controversial tweet that went viral, ABC decided to pull it from the air yet again. While many are unhappy with Barr's comments, millions want her show to come back.

This time ABC has decided to meet halfway but cut Barr out of the casting lineup and changed the name. The new show is called "The Connors."

ABC announced yesterday that "The Connors" is a spinoff title and will premier in the fall with 10 episodes. The show will air Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.

The cast members include John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Lecy Goranson, Michael Fishman, and Sara Gilbert. According to Fox News, Roseanne will not have any "financial or creative involvement with the show."


What do you think about this? Let us know! In other news, a famous TV legend calls it quits after 27 years leaving fans heartbroken. 

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