Gut-Wrenching News Released About Barron Trump; President Trump's Hands Are Tied On This One

November 07, 2018

Some overwhelming news has come to light recently about President Donald Trump's son, Barron. Being the president of the United States of America is no easy feat, and being a family member of the president, is just as hard.

Constantly, Trump is criticized for his decisions and beliefs. But where some people take it too far is when they bring in the president's children and begin attacking them.

Earlier this year, Barron was struggling with students at his old school — many students whose parents disliked Trump were bullying him. While it may have been easier when Trump was a businessman and a reality TV star, Barron now has to deal with his father being Commander in Chief. Sadly, the news gets worse.

Barron is in the middle of a nationwide debacle, and he is being used as a propaganda pawn for liberals to try and make their case, according to reports.

People are rushing to social media to support the idea of Barron being removed from the United States. The vile attacks on Barron come just days after President Trump's comments about signing an executive order that would end birthright citizenship.

"This particular tweet suggests that if President Donald Trump succeeded in revoking the principle of birthright citizenship, his own son would be rendered a non-citizen," reported "Patriot News Alerts."

While some people think they pulled a "gotcha" on the president, they need to think again because they are oh so incredibly wrong.

The argument pointed out that Barron's birth occurred in March of 2006, which was four months before his mother, Melania, became a citizen. Interestingly enough, that still doesn't matter.

"United States Citizenship and Naturalization regulations provide that even a child born outside of the country is an American citizen at birth if one parent is classified as a foreign national, as long as the other parent is a U.S. Citizen who has been physically present in America for no less than 5 years," the report stated.

Pointing out the obvious here, but let's just state it anyway. Barron was an American citizen when he was born because his father was born in the United States and his father has been living in the U.S. longer than five years that is required.

Sadly, President Trump's hands are tied. He can't change what people say on Twitter, even if their arguments are flawed.

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