9 Out of 10 People Don't Know What This Fascinating Thing Is. Do You?

March 26, 2018

Many of us are familiar with the popular multi-level marketing company "Avon." Back in 1886, "Avon" founder David H. McConnell was a book salesman and offered sample perfume bottles in hopes it would entice potential buyers to purchase his books.

When he went door-to-door, he quickly realized the housewives were more interested in the perfume — who could blame them, right? Eventually, McConnell began manufacturing perfume under the company name of "California Perfume Company."


After several decades, “California Perfume Company’s” name was changed multiple times. In 1938, he finally settled on the name, “Avon,” which was named after one of his most popular perfumes.


In 1965, “Avon” began promoting figural bottles — which are small bottles that are in the form of an object. His first figural bottle was in the shape of a boot and ranged from animals to a hammer, to a boat, to even a tennis racket. These bottles typically contained perfume, cologne, or aftershave.

The most popular of the figural bottles was the superior line of glass automobiles. The automobile bottles ranged from race cars to the early classic vehicles. The line picked up in popularity in 1968 and throughout the 1970s.

These bottles had a variety of captivating colors, including striking emerald green, sapphire blue, rich golden amber, and so forth.

These bottles can be found at garage sales, antique stores, and even thrift stores. Sadly, since the oversupply of these unique bottles resulted in a “flat” market, there is no value in owning one of them, at least for investment purposes. They are great to collect, however!

If you check on “eBay,” you’ll see that these bottles will range from $2 to $20. Did you ever own one of these? If so, and you still have one, share a picture to the comment section!


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