No One Can Find the 6th Word in These Photos — It's Driving People Crazy

December 11, 2017

Oh, the days of "Highlights" magazines. The only way I could get through a visit to the doctor's office was to get lost in those magazines.

Still, to this day, I tend to pick one up while in a waiting room or lobby. They are so much fun, even as an adult. But why do they seem just as hard as I remember them?

The images below have stumped so many people over the Internet, it's causing them to go nuts! Can you spot the six hidden words in the pictures below?

Let's start off with an easy one:

Find: Cat; Cord; Couch; Mirror; Straw; Tiles

2. Find: Book; Novel; Pages; Read; Story; Words

3. Find: Clouds; Damp; Puddle; Showers; Stormy; Wet

4. Find: Boots; Chill; Frost; Ice; Mittens; Snow

5. Find: Cheese; Hungry; Music; Party; Red; Yummy

How'd you do? Did you find them all? Share with your friends and see how well they can do. In other news, check out what Chip and Joanna are up to at St. Jude Children's Hospital!

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