Video: Giant Mastiff Thinks No One Can See Him Under the Table

March 16, 2018

Some giant dogs just don’t really have an idea of just how big they are. Some think they are lap dogs, while others can’t leave a room without knocking something over.


In this case, it is a mastiff named Brim. Brim needs his feet washed but isn’t looking forward to the experience.





But Brim has an idea. If he sits under the table, no one will be able to see him. You can’t wash feet that you can’t see! Genius!


The only problem with this plan is that Brim is a giant. You could be a few houses down and still see him under the table.


Watch his failed attempt at hiding in the video below!


Eventually, the lure of the potential of treats was just too strong for Brim and he magically appeared (in his mind, at least) from under the table.


Do you know of any other giant dog that behaves like this? Let us know in the comments below!


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