JUST IN: Landmark Paris Cathedral Up In Flames! Raging Inferno Has Been Burning For Hours

April 15, 2019

A devastating fire has broken out in the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. The flames have been blazing and the smoke billowing from the 850-year-old Catholic Church since early afternoon, Paris time.

The structure has been undergoing renovations recently and, initial reports say that they may be the source of the inferno.


According to the BBC, “Last year, the Catholic Church in France launched an urgent appeal for funds to save the cathedral, which was starting to crumble.

‘A major operation is under way to tackle the blaze, which broke out on Monday afternoon, and an area surrounding the building in central Paris has been cleared,” officials said.

USA Today reports,  “The cathedral dates back almost 1,000 years. It's construction began in the 12th century, and it took about 300 years to complete.

"The result is that, although it is predominantly French Gothic, there are areas that demonstrate the Renaissance and the Naturalism era of construction.“


If you’ve ever bent the historical site, you know the irreplaceable treasures and artwork that are inside. We just hope that all of that had been moved before renovations began.

The is a breaking story. More later.


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