Nurses Sneak Dying Man’s Beloved Dog into the Hospital to Say Goodbye One Last Time

November 14, 2017

After battling cancer for several years, this Missouri grandfather’s health started to decline rapidly. Before he said his final goodbyes, he wanted to see his beloved dog, Lil Fee, one last time.

The problem is, hospitals usually have a strict no-pets policy, so Lil Fee had to be smuggled in.

David King, the grandfather in question, was not sure he would ever get a chance to go home and see his Yorkie mix again so his wife, Cindy, took matters into her own hands.

Luckily for them, the nurses took their side in their smuggling operation and helped them sneak Lil Fee into the hospital.

“The nurses always heard my grandma talking about Lil Fee, so they encouraged her and helped her get the dog in,” said granddaughter Ellie. “They had my aunt carry the dog in a really big purse.”

The visit meant the world to King. “For the first time that day, he moved his arm in attempts to pet his Lil Fee,” said Ellie. “It was a moment I’ll never forget.”

Sadly, King passed away last night, but at least he was able to say his goodbyes to all his loved ones, including Lil Fee.

This hasn’t been the first time patients have snuck dogs into the hospital. Last year, Shelby Hennick smuggled her grandmother’s dog into the facility by disguising it as a baby. Her post on Twitter instantly went viral.

Others didn’t have it quite so easy.

Dogs are family, and the comfort they bring at the hospital can often be just what the doctor ordered.

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