Olly Lost the Dog Show—But He Won the Hearts of Viewers

January 16, 2018

It takes a lot to be the top dog at a dog show. The dog has to be just the right size, have the right color fur, and the right haircut. On top of all that, they have to be trained well enough to perform all sorts of tasks perfectly.


Recently, Olly the Jack Russell Terrier stole the spotlight at the Crufts dog show in Birmingham, England. During his agility trial, Olly knew he was supposed to fly around, but his attention may have been a little misplaced.



Dog shows have very specific rules for the order that a dog should go through the agility obstacles. Olly’s trainer definitely knew what she was doing—but it’s Olly who didn’t quite get it right.


Olly was obviously overjoyed to be the center of attention, but he may have been a little bit too excited. He was flying around the course, as most dogs do during agility trials—but Olly was flying in the wrong direction.



At one point, Olly knocks over a hurdle and slides into it. When Olly gets to the weave poles, he gets through two out of the six that he needs to before he runs off in a different direction. On his second try at the weave poles, he only gets through a couple more.


When Olly runs over the A-frame, he flies over the top, losing his footing for a few seconds before regaining it. But none of that mattered to Olly.



He then proceeds to go and sniff in the corner for a few seconds before running back to the course. Finally, Olly gets through the course...or, at least gets close enough.


Through all of this, the commentators can’t stop laughing. To hear their comments and see Olly’s full performance, watch the video here.  



For a little bit of comparison, check out this incredible dog, name Tex. His agility course is absolutely stunning.



While Tex looked incredible doing his agility course, there’s just something you have to love about a dog as happy as Olly.


In other news, this dog might look cute, but you have to see the reign of terror that’s unleashed when he’s on the job. Check it out here.

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