Olympian Rescues Dog From Being Slaughtered for Meat in South Korea

February 14, 2018

It is well known around the world that dog meat is a delicacy in South Korea. Many people from other countries are horrified by that, though.

That’s why the South Korean government order restaurants near the Olympic Stadium in Pyeongchang to stop serving dog meat. They wanted to avoid offending guests who are in the country for the Olympics.

Though they wanted to avoid offending athletes and other guests, that doesn’t change the fact that so many dogs in the country are raised for the meat. One Olympian wanted to do everything she could to help the dogs in South Korea.

Meagan Duhamel is a Canadian pairs skater and two-time world champion. Last year, she visited South Korea for a different competition.

While in South Korea, she connected with an organization that rescues dogs from the meat trade. When she found out they had dogs available to adopt, she decided to take one home with her.



Meagan’s dog, named Mootae, is a miniature dachshund. She was adopted through Free Korean Dogs. The dog experienced a lot of abuse from a dog meat farm, so it will have misshapen legs for the rest of its life.

Meagan recently shared an update on her sweet rescue dog. According to her, “We have a lady that walks our dogs every day while we’re training, and she says Mootae is the most popular dog in the dog park.”

Last year, when Meagan rescued Mootae, she also rescued another dog from a meat farm. That dog was brought back to Canada for another family to adopt.

All of that happened last year at a competition. This year, Meagan has already helped Team Canada take home the gold medal in the figure skating team event. She and her skating partner also won gold in the partner event.

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