1 Person Dead, 10 People in Comas After Tragic Incident in Paris

April 18, 2018

The French police and government are extremely concerned about the recent increasing use of a recreational drug called GHB.

The drug, also known as Liquid X, has been the cause of one death and has put ten people in comas since December in France. This drug killed a 24-year-old man last month.


Sadly, the drug is easily accessible. The drug is made from industrial solvent GBL, according to "The Local."


According to the "World Health Organization" (WHO), this solution is found in paint strippers, stain removers, circuit board cleaners, and nail polish removers.


"Since the end of the 1990s, certain individuals have ingested GBL for the purpose of intoxication," according to the "WHO." "The general symptoms reported include: vomiting, urinary and fecal incontinence, agitation, convulsions, bradycardia, loss of consciousness, respiratory depression, coma progressing to death."

The French authorities are desperately trying to come up with a solution.


"We will develop a working group on the legal side to see if we can limit the free sale of this product [GBL]," Michel Delpuech, a Paris police officer, said. "Secondly, we will work on raising awareness among the general public about what these products are and the risks they present."


GHB is also informally known as Liquid X, Georgia home boy, and Fantasy.


People who decided to take the drug reported that they can feel the sense of euphoria, and tranquility. On the other hand, others who have taken this feel quite the opposite. The severe effects can include dizziness, a confused state, vomiting, seizures, comas, and deaths.

Sadly, this drug has been found at nightclubs. Individuals have slipped GHB into other people's drinks. In December, three young women were victim to the drug and were hospitalized.


Will you join us in prayer for the individuals in comas and others who have lost their lives?


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