Over 3,000 Pounds of Chicken Being Recalled—The Reason is Frightening

June 12, 2018

Chicken, chicken, chicken—most everyone loves it. Unfortunately, if you have the following breaded chicken in your freezer, you may want to toss it STAT!

USA Today writes, "Tyson Food Inc. is recalling over 3,000 pounds of frozen breaded chicken due to possible contamination, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced Friday."

But what kind of contamination? Looks like plastic.

"The company, one of the world's largest chicken processors, informed FSIS Friday the breading of the frozen, uncooked chicken tenders may have been contaminated with foreign material in the form of blue and clear soft plastic."

Though the health risk is deemed low, it is still an area for concern. I mean can you imagine eating dinner and biting into a juicy piece of...plastic? Yeah, me either. Yuck!

Don't worry though, not all areas were affected. If you live in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan or Minnesota, your chicken may have been one of the unlucky ones. Likewise, only "food establishments" received the chicken, not grocery stores.

"The 260 possibly-contaminated packages were only sent to food service establishments, not retail grocery stores, according to FSIS. Packages with the code 'P-746' are subject to recall."

Here is an image of the label for the contaminated chicken:

Here is the print information from the USDA: "12-lb. box containing 3-lb. plastic bags of 'UNCOOKED, BREADED, ORIGINAL CHICKEN TENDERLOINS,' with a lot code of 1378NLR02."

At this time no one has been injured but the FSIS suggests throwing away the chicken if you have it. 

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