Man Begins Singing in the Bathtub Until His Cat Takes Drastic Measures

December 06, 2017

Millions of people sing when they are in the shower or tub. And most of their pets will either sing along or just walk away. But not Pepe. This cat is sick and tired of his owner's singing.

Brad Johnson knew exactly what his cat would do when he began singing in the tub. So, he grabbed his phone and began recording.

As Brad is singing, you can see in the hilarious video below how irritated Pepe was becoming. He begins to stalk Brad as he hides behind the shower curtain. At this time, Brad becomes nervous — you can hear it in his voice!

With just inches away between Brad and the tops of Pepe's ears, Brad begins singing, "I'm a little nervous because she is kind of mean."

Check out the video below to see how Pepe puts an end to Brad's singing:

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