Owner Leaves Pup with Tumor at Shelter and Tells Staff to Euthanize Him. Now Little Clyde Needs Your Help

October 11, 2017

Clyde, a 1-year-old dog with a six-pound tumor on his chest, was dropped off at a Cincinnati dog shelter and his owner told the shelter staff to euthanize him.

“Literally dropped off, instructed to euthanize, then he turned away. Turned around and walked away,” said Shari Wyenandt of HART Animal Rescue

Luckily for Clyde, the staff at the shelter didn’t listen to Clyde’s owner and decided to try to save his life instead. “He’s only a year old. Way too young for a death sentence,” said Wyenandt.

Clyde was neglected but is such a sweet boy with a heart of gold, she says. She can’t understand why someone left him in such a bad condition for so long. “I mean, he was in pain, dragging it. It was already rupturing from being drug on the ground,” Wyenandt continued.

Veterinary surgeons worked hard to remove Clyde’s giant tumor and now he is on the road to recovery. The surgery lasted for nearly two hours.

To have a tumor that large at such a young age, doctors think it had been growing for over half the dog’s life.

As he heals from surgery, the shelter hopes that he can find a forever family when he recovers. Wyenandt said they could really use donations to help with the cost of his surgery and medical costs. Donations can be made HERE.

“With how sweet he is, he will have no problem finding a home,” said Wyenandt.

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