Owner Tricked Her Dog with Magic Trick — Dog's Reaction Has the Internet Rolling

February 19, 2018

Dogs try everything in their power to please their owners. Most of them are smart, but some are not. The dog in the video below may actually be on the list of "The Top 10 Dumbest Dog Breeds" by his reaction.


Don't get me wrong here; I absolutely love dogs. They are my favorite animal. But, the dog's reaction has people rolling.


Here's the brief story: an owner, who is apparently skilled in the world of magic, decided show a trick to her dog. She grabs her props and ensures her pup is comfortable and ready for the trick.

When the owner disappears, the dog is beside himself. It appears the concerned pup is demanding the blanket to give his owner back!


“Return my owner, you evil, fluffy one!”


Check out the full video below!



What do you think about this dog's reaction? Check out these other owners who decided to do magic tricks on their dogs too:




This dog was not pleased when the treat went "missing."



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