Tributes Pour In For Legendary Rocker, Bedridden After Critical Health Crisis. Fans Stunned At Latest Sad News

February 20, 2019

Just one week after we received the good news that legendary heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne had turned a corner in his battle with pneumonia, we learn that things are not quite as rosy as they seemed.

We first brought you the breaking news last month about the former ‘Black Sabbath’ frontman’s many health battles over the past year. At the time (January 30), it was revealed that Ozzy was suffering from the flu and bronchitis and would have to cancel some of the dates for his ‘No More Tours 2’ concert series. In his statement announcing the cancellations, he apologized to his fans:

“I want to apologize to all of my fans who have been so loyal over the years, my band, my crew and to 'Judas Priest' for letting you all down. However, I promise the tour with Judas Priest will be completed. It’s being rescheduled right now to start in September. Again, I apologize to everyone. God Bless. Love you all, Ozzy.”

And he posted a photo of himself after he burst a blood vessel in his eye from coughing so violently.

This most recent development is just the latest in a series of serious health problems for Ozzy. Before the flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia, Ozzy was knocked down by a serious infection that almost cost him his life!

Frustrated at his inability to meet his obligations to music fans everywhere, Osbourne complained about his recent spate bad luck.

“I’m completely devastated for having to postpone the European leg of my tour,” Osbourne says in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. “It just seems that since October everything I touch has turned to s—.”

In his statement, Ozzy was undoubtedly referring to the bizarre affliction he'd been battling since last Fall, an aggressive bacterial infection in his hand that stubbornly refused to heal.

Back in October, the legendary rocker faced surgery on his hand after contracting a potentially deadly staph infection after it swelled up to ten times its normal size.

What followed was a series of operations to cut away the infected tissue and prevent the deadly bacteria from entering his bloodstream, which would likely kill him.

After a week in a Los Angeles hospital, Osbourne was discharged and continued caring for his hand at home. Concert dates were postponed so he could concentrate on his recovery.

Then came the flu and bronchitis attack, from which Ozzy suffered tremendously. But, when he was unable to shake the virus, more bad news was revealed. Just two weeks later, we learned that the 70-year-old music legend was far worse off than we were led to believe.

Ozzy had actually been admitted to the hospital for ’complications’ which turned out to be pneumonia!

Only after Osbourne had started to improve did we learn the whole truth: Ozzy was so sick that he had to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and was not doing well at all.

Fans were temporarily buoyed by the reassurance a couple of weeks later from Ozzy's loyal wife, Sharon Osbourne. She shared the news on her TV show, ‘The Talk.’

“He’s doing great. He’s out of the ICU, he’s doing good, he’s breathing on his own." At the time we were led to believe that he was just short of being fully recovered. But, with the latest bit of news, we find out that nothing could be further from the truth.

I compliance with doctor's orders, the shock-rocker announced the postponement of several of his upcoming shows in the UK and Europe but said he planned to reschedule every one of them for a future date. At the time, doctors would not say how long Osbourne would be out of commission.

Fast-forward to recent weeks and his bout with the flu and its critical complications.

Now, the other shoe has dropped. Just when we thought Ozzy was well on the road to recovery, we get the devastating news that additional shows have to be canceled, as well. Gone are his eagerly-anticipated performances in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

"His doctors have advised that he stay at home to recuperate for a full six weeks with no travel."

“Ozzy has announced the cancelation of shows in Australia, New Zealand & Japan. ‘Ozzy recently developed pneumonia & has spent some time in hospital. He is through the worst part,’ says @SharonOsbourne. ‘His doctors have advised that he stay at home to recuperate for full 6 weeks’”

Fans are taking Mrs. Osbourne’s words at face value, no questions asked:

“Sad that Ozzie won’t be coming, he always puts on one hell of a show, but health always comes first. Plus I’m not stupid enough to pick a fight with Sharon, if she says Ozzy is staying, Ozzy stays 😉”

As the list of cities continues to grow, Osbourne is left with an almost-unmanageable number of obligations to reschedule. And at 70 years of age, it might be a bit more than he can or should undertake, if and when he's back on his feet.

Although his fans are understandably disappointed at having to miss seeing the great Ozzy Osbourne, live, most of them are able to put things into perspective.

“Your illness makes ev'ry body hurts, get well soon my Prince of Darkness @OzzyOsbourne and makes us Paranoid !”

“Really sucks to miss you in Japan, but your health is more important. Swift recovery, I wish you the best!”

And so do we!

Please join us in praying for Ozzy as he continues to struggle to regain his health.

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