Parents Share the Creepiest Things Their Kids Have Said

February 08, 2018

Kids say the darndest things. But sometimes, the things they say are just creepy. Whether they’re talking about their past mothers, the strange man in red, or talking about people they’ve never met—it can be strange to listen to things they say.

Recently, a mom on Twitter asked parents and other caretakers to Tweet the creepiest thing that kids have ever said to them. Check out some of their responses below.

This is so terrifying! I wouldn’t know how to respond.

Get your kid out of there ASAP!

Kids can’t know that much...right?

This is a little creepy, but also kinda sweet.

Is this speaking in tongues—or something much more ominous?

I guess it’s time to move, right?

This sounds like a strange dream for a 5-year-old.

Does she see something we can’t?

Alright, who taught her some strange theology?

These are so creepy! Has your kid ever said something like this? Share with us on Facebook.

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