Passengers Hear ‘Violent’ Bang—Then Plane Starts Breaking Apart in Mid-Air

February 14, 2018

When you board a plane, you have to trust that the pilot knows what they’re doing and that the airline takes care of their planes. Sometimes, though, that’s just not the case.

United Airlines Flight 1175 was flying from San Francisco to Honolulu onf February 13. While the plane was flying over the Pacific Ocean, there was suddenly a loud bang and the entire plan shuddered violently.

The passengers were terrified of what was going to happen. Those who were able to see out of the windows on the right side of the plane suddenly saw pieces of metal flying away from the plane.

According to one passenger, Haley Ebert, the bang sounded almost like a gunshot. “Everyone on our side flung open their windows just to see what it was,” she shared. “The casing to the engine had sort of flown off. There were pieces flying into the ocean, nuts and bolts flying out a little bit.”

Another passenger, Michael Nielson, shared that flight attendants instructed passengers to return to their seats and fasted their seatbelts. “The plane shook violently for the better part of five minutes,” he shared in an email. “The shaking subsided to a constant, heavy vibration that stuck around for the rest of the flight.”

As the plane was preparing to land, flight attendants instructed passengers to brace for impact with their hands on the seat in front of them. Some people on the flight were so scared of crashing that they began to sob.

Around 40 minutes after the loud crash, the plane landed safely in Honolulu. However, by that time, the engine was bare, its inner workings on full display.

In a statement released by United, they shared that the cowling of the engine had fallen off. “Our pilots followed all necessary protocols to safely land the aircraft,” the organization said. “That aircraft taxied to the gate and passengers deplaned normally.”

This would have been absolutely terrifying to see while flying over the Pacific Ocean. Luckily, everything turned out just fine.

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