'Persistent' Dog Saves Her Owner's Life from an Unexpected House Malfunction

January 24, 2018

Ronene Ando was sleeping one night when suddenly she heard her pit bull's high-pitched bark. She was so startled by Ruby's bark that she had to get her to settle down. She begged her to calm down and to go back to her bed.

Ruby didn't listen. She was so "persistent" that she just kept barking at the bottom of the stairs until her owner finally came downstairs.


This behavior was unlike Ruby because she was a certified therapy dog through "Paws for Love," a therapy program run by ASPCA in New York. She had been trained to stay calm and be quiet. If she needed to go outside, she would have rung a bell by the door.

Ronene was somehow able to coax her determined dog back upstairs and go back to bed. But within just minutes, Ruby was back at it — running down the stairs and barking.


"We live on a remote, dead-end street," Ronene told Fox News. "It's not like we have traffic. The neighbor's dogs weren't out. If she wants to go out she rings a bell; she doesn't bark."

Surprisingly, it took Ronene over an hour and half to realize something was wrong. As she followed Ruby down the stairs, she noticed the dog gate torn apart. Then Ruby stopped at the garage door.


"I opened the garage door and could smell something," she said. "It smelled like propane."

Ronene went towards her propane heater and noticed gas leaking. If she waited much longer, she could have passed out, suffered respiratory complications, experienced a coma, or even death.


"There is no doubt in my mind this girl, after barking for hours in the middle of the night, may have saved our lives," Ronene said. "But thanks to Ruby, everyone's okay. [Pit bulls are] very protective of their owners."


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